Buckets: Preview

So, yeah. With Capistrano and friends off my plate, I’ve actually found time to work on a project that has been in the works for years (and that’s no exaggeration, I first mentioned it in a blog post in October 2004). I’ve named it and renamed it (“Penny Pincher”, “Chump Change”, “Make Me Rich”, and “BudgetWise”) but its current incarnation is “Buckets”.

Buckets is a simple web-based personal finance application that I’ve been working on, written specifically for my wife and me. Its focus is on simple budgeting, and reducing debt, and It is intentionally “feature-poor”. It is loosely based on an envelope budgeting strategy, and while it definitely isn’t the only web-based finance app using such a strategy, it just may be the simplest.

I recorded a screencast demonstrating the budgeting aspect of Buckets; it’s a 5M QuickTime movie, 2:42 in length. Click here to view it, if you care to..

Buckets is still private: it has been deployed and my wife and I are using it, but that’s it. The source code is in a private repository on GitHub, and the production instance of the app is currently only accessible to me. That will change eventually (maybe a couple of weeks, depending on how initial testing goes), but I want to make sure it’s actually going to be useful before I open it up.

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