Sales, Status, and Talks

Important sales milestone over the weekend and the Lulu revenue nosed past my monetary start up costs for putting the book and the web site together. So, thanks to those of you that have bought the book so far—I appreciate it. If you’re enjoying it so far, let me know, tell a friend, say nice things online, you know, that kind of thing. If you aren’t enjoying it so far, let me know so that I can work on making the book better over time.

I think the ongoing release schedule will go like this: next Monday, then every other Monday until I feel sufficiently done. Next week’s release will have a long Cucumber section, a shorter autotest section, and I’m not sure what else. However, I’m trying to get on a more agile-like iteration schedule, so I’ll release on the 6th no matter what else is done or not done.

In the meantime, looks like there’s kind of an arms race in my RailsConf time slot. I’m at the same Tuesday 2:50 PM time slot. I’m now ten percent more scared that I’ll be speaking to an empty room. Actually, I’m hoping to have some promotional stuff of some kind—turns out I have a book to promote. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to get that done or not. I’ll have more to say about RailsConf closer to the date, but the short version is, come to my talk, say hi.

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