Quick Update on Updates

I still haven’t heard back from Lulu about allowing access to the updates on their site.

Plan B will be to allow readers to register on this site and get access to updates directly. I’m reluctant to move on that until after I hear from Lulu because a) it’s work I need to do in time I don’t really have and b) it’s potentially a less satisfying experience for you as a user then if the Lulu channel was working properly.

In the meantime, let me know via email at railsprescriptions at gmail.com if you have an emergency need for the update. I’ll point out that the bulk of this update is the Cucumber stuff, and that’s in the free download.

Again, I’m really sorry about this—it was decidedly not the way I was hoping the update process would go, and I feel awful that those of you who were most enthusiastic about purchasing the book have been most strongly affected.

Please bear with me, and I hope to have this worked out in time for the next update.

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