How To Get Book Updates

I have several interconnected status reports to make.

First off, a quickie that I want to put up top so that nobody misses it. I’ve added @railsrx as the Twitter account that will announce new updates and other Rails Prescriptions based information. This will allow me to separate my personal account, though I hope I’ll make that interesting enough for you to continue to follow.

As for the main news…

As I alluded to a few days ago,’s technical support was not helpful in resolving the issue of giving purchasers access to updated versions of the book. Essentially, Lulu treats ebook downloads the same as a physical book—the version you buy is the one attached to your account, and there’s no facility to update that attachment. I strongly suspect this is a deep-rooted architecture issue rather than Lulu really thinking this is a logical way to handle digital downloads, but that’s not really important.

For most of the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working to set up a registration system on this site. If you are actually reading this on the blog, it’s up and running.

Here’s the important part if you have already purchased Rails Test Prescriptions. Head over to to register. This link also appears on the left sidebar of all pages on this site, and on the home page. Enter an email, a desired password, and enough of your Lulu or PayPal receipt so that I can verify that you have purchased the book. As quickly as I can, you’ll get an email approving your account, and you will be able to head to to download all versions of the book.

I’m sorry about the added steps of inconvenience—I was genuinely under the impression that Lulu would enable easy updates for you early purchasers. A plus side for me is that it makes it easy to give out free or review copies (RailsConf attendees take note…). It also gives you the option of purchasing new copies via the PayPal donate button. Any donation of $9 or more can be registered, and will give you access to the download page.

There actually is a book update, version 3, that will go live on both Lulu and here today, however since most of my time has been spent configuring the site, there’s not much to it. It’s an updated description of the registration process, and the beginnings of the chapter on Shoulda, which I have high hopes for, but which isn’t finished yet.

So, to sum up:

  1. Existing readers should register at
  2. New readers can continue to purchase via Lulu or via the donate button on this page.
  3. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. A book update will go live today, but the next one will be much bigger.

As always, complaints, comments, praise, or whatever can get emailed to railsprescriptions at gmail dot com.


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