Next Update and RailsConf

News and notes

  • The next book update will probably be released on Sunday before I head off for RailsConf. Definitely in there will be a longish chapter on Shoulda and a bit on how to handle legacy code. Hopefully one other chapter as yet to be determined.
  • Speaking of RailsConf, I’ve also gotten a Birds of a Feather session on the schedule. The title is “Testing In Rails, What’s New, What’s Now, and What’s Missing”, and it’ll be at 9 PM Wednesday night in Pavilion 9 – 10. Come by for what I hope will be an interesting discussion of everything new in Rails Testing land.
  • Also speaking of RailsConf, follow @railsrx or @noelrap on Twitter for news about giveaways. There will be at least two sets, one of which will be based on attendance at my talk, one of which will not. Free books, and some kind of merch for potential winners who already have a license for the book.
  • Finally, speaking of RailsConf, I’d love to meet anybody who is reading the book or this blog. I’m probably the worst networker in the known universe, but please do come up and say hi if you see me around.

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