A Few Good Updates

  • For the rest of this week, I’m answering questions in the forums at Ruby Learning.org—stop by and ask a question if you’ve got one. Posters are eligible to win free copies of the book.
  • Unsurprisingly, RailsConf was something of a lost week in terms of writing on the book, so I’ve decided to skip a week in the update schedule. The next update will by May 25th, and it will include a new section on RSpec, a new section converting my RailsConf presentation back into text, and something else as time permits. I’m actually hoping to get another edit read on the entire text.
  • I forgot to mention one of my favorite sessions of RailsConf, the Teaching Rails BoF that was moderated by Ben Scofield. There was a lot of great energy in the room and a number of people working on related efforts. Checkout RailsBridge as well as the Rails Tutor project. Also keep an eye out for a Rails Mentoring program coming online soon.

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