Coming Attractions

Here’s what’s up.

The next book update will be next week, either Sunday or Monday, depending on how the holiday weekend goes. The lineup:

  • New chapter on RSpec. This looks like it’s going to be… thorough. As with pretty much every big-ticket section of this book, I always wind up writing more detail than I originally think I’m going to.
  • General edit of the book, incorporating some great proofreading notes from Dana Jones and adding references to RSpec in other chapters as needed.
  • If time permits, I’ll either do a relatively short tool article (rcov is a possibility), or add on to one of the style and rationale pieces.

Those of you who have reported the issue with text search in the book using Apple’s Preview or Skim, which I think both use the same core Mac OS library—I’m trying to track it down. The makers of the PrinceXML software that generates the PDF point to the fact that everything works fine in Adobe Reader and say it’s a Skim problem. The Skim team has been a little harder to track down, but they aren’t convinced. More news when, or if, events warrant. (It does seem like, whoever is at fault, there’s a setting I’m using that’s exposing the bug. Sure wish I knew what it was.)

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