Version 006 Now Available

Well, it’s been way too long, but revision 006 is now up at Lulu and on the download page of this site.

The two biggest changes are a new chapter on Rcov, and a general read-through and edit of the entire manuscript. Here’s the entire changelog:

  • New chapter on Rcov
  • Typos fixed from Dana Jones, Keith Gautreaux, and Greg Lockwood
  • General fixes to things like external links
  • Some more clarity in the mocks chapter
  • Better discussion of setup blocks in setup chapter, also a much more
    detailed discussion of contexts and nested contexts
  • Error in RSpec matchers section corrected
  • Cucumber section benefits from more experience
  • Couple of layout experiments. Per a suggestion from Jim Zajkowski, I’ve
    moved the sidebars to the right to enhance readability. I also changed the
    code font to Anonymous Pro.

Also, welcome to all the new readers, and a big thanks to Gregg Pollack for recognizing this book on the Ruby on Rails weblog. Hope you all like it.

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