Double Shot #494

Lots of interesting new stuff showed up over the weekend:

  • i18n – The i18n gem has reached version 0.2.0 with lambda support among other goodies.
  • can_touch_this – A permissions system extracted from rboard.
  • sort_by – Active Record/ Action View extension to produce user-sorted, paginated tables in your views.
  • Posterous now supports TrailerAddict embeds and Github Gist code drops. – With Gist support, Posterous is getting to be an interesting alternative for a quick & dirty coding blog.
  • Installing FreeImage and ImageScience on Debian Linux – Came in handy, though note that the current version of FreeImage has changed.
  • Ruby 1.9.1 & Friends – Ryan Bigg has revised his big blog entry on how to get rails up and running on 1.9.1. It’s getting closer to prime time.
  • padlock_authorization – Simple object-based role authorization plugin. If I wasn’t rolling my own authorization I’d probably try this one next.
  • Glow – The BBC gets into the JavaScript library business. Big selling points appear to be downlevel browser and multiple version support.
  • Mercurial: The Definitive Guide – Bookmarking in case I’m ever forced to use Mercurial.
  • Phoenix – Real-time editing for web pages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, within the confines of Firefox.
  • Announcing Appsta – Gem that extends the templating facility in Rails 2.3 with knowledge of GitHub and Heroku, among other things.

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