Looking for Conference Video Sponsorships

I love creating video. It’s definitely not as profitable as programming, but it feels good to know that the material I create helps educate and inform people.

In order to support my addiction, I’m currently looking for sponsorships for conference videos. You know, those 30-35 minutes videos I put up occasionally? My Oscon Video last year received over 40,000 views, Lone Star Ruby Conf over 45,000 views, and Rubyconf 2008 over 63,000 views.

If you’ve seen these videos you may have noticed that some of them have sponsors. Sponsoring these videos is a unique way to get the word out about a service/product because I actually get to interview people from your company / showcase video from your product directly to developers. You also might see them as a way to support the community by spreading knowledge (i.e. reporting). I’m currently looking for sponsors for the following events:

If you or your company might be interested, please drop me a line at Gregg@RailsEnvy.com.

Is there another event I didn’t list that you’d like me to do a conference video at? Sponsor me and I’ll use the money to get to that conference and do it!

Thanks for your support, and now back to your regularly scheduled program

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