Double Shot #496

It looks like the Fairy Godmother Department’s lunch hour may be over.

  • Many Ways to Tag Taggables – Tobias hunted down all the Rails tagging libraries he could find. Looks like he settled on acts_as_taggable_on, which is the one I use too.
  • fleakr – Flickr API integration gem recommended by a couple of my readers.
  • read_from_slave – Read your Rails data from a MySQL slave database, while ensuring that writes go to the master database.
  • Programming Contest! Win iPhone 3GS & $2,000 Cloud Credit – Engine Yard is planning a contest that is going to make Twitter even more annoying for a while.
  • Choosy – OS X utility ($12) to let you choose a browser when you click on a link.
  • Ruby Versions – SSH access to a bunch of new and archived flavors of Ruby.

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