Double Shot #512

Lots of people are excited about Rails and 37Signals being mentioned in Microsoft’s annual Form 10-K. I think that’s just silly. This isn’t any sort of acknowledgement that Microsoft considers us a serious threat; it’s a “cover your ass” survey of software and firms whose business overlaps that of Microsoft. For some perspective, go look at other 10-K’s; for example, the one for McDonald’s says “The Company’s competition in the broadest perspective includes restaurants, quick-service eating establishments, pizza parlors, coffee shops, street vendors, convenience food stores, delicatessens and supermarkets.” So, yeah – McDonald’s:street vendor::Microsoft:37 Signals. That’d be about right.

  • NoSQL: If Only It Was That Easy – Look at some of the currently-sexy database alternatives by someone who actually evaluated at heavy load.
  • Deployment Script Spring Cleaning – New ideas on using Capistrano with git, from the GitHub guys.
  • Napkee – Convert Balsamiq Mockups to HTML/CSS/JSS/Flex 3 source.
  • Lone Star Ruby Conference – One more week for registration for this Texas conference at the end of the month.
  • Cerberus 0.7 – Lightweight continuous integration, now with Bazaar support and better Git support.
  • RailsBridge BugMash – Contribute to the Rails core – Just a reminder: it’s coming up this weekend.
  • complex-form-examples – Ryan Bates takes a shot at showing ways to manage forms with nested attributes.
  • va_cache – Simple caching for Active Record virtual attributes.
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