Reports of This Podcasts Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Great News. Reports of this podcast’s death are greatly exaggerated. I will be continuing the podcast. Here’s a little podcast announcing it. I just didn’t want to leave anyone hanging. The podcast will be back in a couple of weeks with a new guest host and a new format. We’re looking for sponsors also! If you’d like to sponsor the podcast, please get in touch.

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Who do you think the new guest host is? Make some guesses and fill out the poll! It was supposed to be write-in only but polldaddy doesn’t seem to allow that. See you soon!

Update: Thanks everyone for the support! I thought I’d post the votes so far. I thought Poll Daddy would show everyone the write in votes but it doesn’t. Hilarious comments so far.

Name Votes Alternate Names Given
Obie Fernandez 5 [Obie “fuckin” Fernandez]
Gregg Pollack 5
Your Mom 4
Zed Shaw 3
Steven Bristol 2 All signs point to an expert in headbutting
Geoffrey Grosenbach 2 the guy who has been doing the ruby on rails podcast!
Gregg’s Mom 2
Eric Cartman 1
Paul Graham 1
The Fail Whale (‘rails cant scale’) 1
Pron Fairy 1
Andrew “Dice” Clay 1
Burt Reynolds 1
Michael Jordan 1
Giles Bowkett 1
Anybody, as long as it’s a dude, cause you’re gay 1
tenderlove 1
lowtax 1
Ryan Bates 1
Me 1
Marshall!! :-D 1
God 1
Bob sagget 1
Paris Hilton 1
Adam Keys 1 [V from MVC]
Ya boy r. elliot 1
Jason Seifer 1
Josh Peek 1
Mr. Clean 1
Bill Clinton 1

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