Rails Envy Podcast – Episode #103

Episode #103 Dan edition.

Sponsored by New Relic
The Rails Envy podcast is brought to you this week by NewRelic. NewRelic provides RPM which is a plugin for rails that allows you to monitor and quickly diagnose problems with your Rails application in real time. Check them out at NewRelic.com.

Show Notes

  • Rails 2.3.5 Released

    Rails 2.3.5 has been released with several bug fixes and improved Ruby 1.9 compatibility.

  • Rails XSS Plugin

    Koz has released the rails xss plugin which makes all strings html unsafe by default and uses Erubis for templating.

  • RubyConf Videos

    ConFreaks has posted the 2009 RubyConf videos.

  • Speedy

    Speedy automates the virtual host creation and gives you rapid deployment with Passenger and Apache. It currently works on Ubuntu and Debian variants only. It will eventually support both Linux and Mac platforms.

  • Ruby Draft Specification

    A draft of the Ruby Specification document has been released and they’re looking for comments to submit to the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee. The draft is based on Ruby 1.8.7.

  • Rango

    Grant Michaels posts on Ruby Inside about Rango, a new web app framework from Jakub Šťastný.

  • Flotomatic

    Flotomatic is a new Rails plugin built on top of flot (jquery / javascript based graphs). It’s got a nice DSL that makes it really easy to drop graphs into your site.

  • Partioprint

    Partioprint plugin adds partial name as a HTML comment whenever a partial is rendered from the ERBs.

  • Viewtastic

    Viewtastic is a presenter plugin for Rails.

  • The Unobtrusive Login System in Rails – Part One

    The Finternails in Oatmeal blog has a post about using Authlogic to create an unobtrusive login system.

  • Django for a Rails Developer

    The Usware blog has a post on getting in to the Django way of doing things from a Rails developers point of view.

  • ActiveDevice

    ActiveDevice is a rails plugin that detects mobile device user agents and sets the format accordingly.

  • Rubinius 1.0 rc1

    Rubinius 1.0 rc1 has been released.

  • 9 New Ruby Libraries To Check Out

    This post by Peter Cooper aims to round up a selection of his recent Ruby library discoveries, with his thoughts about each. Included are RConfig – Powerful Ruby configuration management, Ruby-GMail – A Rubyesque interface to GMail, Versionomy – A “version number” library.

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