Bag O’ Links – 24/10/2010 (back!)

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Yeah, i know i said bag’o’links will go out of service a few months ago and that i’m going to move it the Nautilus6 website, but overall there were few other things i had to do with Nautilus6 prior to that.. i’ll get to it when i can but it doesn’t mean i can’t re-post links does it?

Links and fun

Favorite RailsRumble Apps

Last weekend this year’s “RailsRumble” took place, of course i missed it but i did had a chance to peek in and choose some favs:

  • RailsWizard – generate your own Rails template by a simple click/choose interface. i like it so far and anxious to see how far it goes.
  • Caviar – charge your clients by results.
  • Empower – build a development environment around your app, nice.
  • FontStacks – generate CSS that contains awesome fonts (font-face).
  • GitWrite – blogging for nerds, looks like a web supported Jekyll.. nice, i like it and waiting for some improvements and additions.


Last sad note

About 10 days ago we lost a friend. Fares Yussuf Donaldson (a.k.a invalidrecord on IRC) died.
We will miss you buddy.

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