Hashrocket and Code Platoon

Hashrocket's collaboration with Code Platoon continues this October!

For the past three cohorts, Hashrocket has taught an intensive all-day workshop at the Code Platoon bootcamp. Here's a
description of this unique developer training program, from their website:

Code Platoon is a Chicago-based non-profit program exclusively for veterans.
We’ll teach you full-stack development over the course of 20-weeks (6 weeks
remotely, 14 weeks in our Chicago classroom), and train you to be eligible
for paid internships and full-time employment as a web developer. No previous
programming experience is necessary.

In this post, I'd like to talk about this important program, and what we offer to it.

About Code Platoon

The world needs more
programmers; there's a mountain of work to be done. Code bootcamps rise
to this challenge by recognizing that a college degree isn't enough, or perhaps
even required, to do what we do, and that the fundamentals can be

in a
short time.

Code Platoon is unique because they only select military veterans who pass a
rigorous selection process. These veterans have served our nation, and for that
we owe them our gratitude. They come to the program with unique life
experiences, maturity, and character that makes them a special group.

When I transitioned from the military to programming, Code Platoon didn't
exist. I taught myself and learned by making mistakes. On a personal level, I am
grateful that other veterans are finding a path to this industry,
one that is well-lit, less haphazard, and can be navigated as a team.

What We Offer

Our workshop in October is our fourth with Code Platoon. Jack Christensen and I will be teaching an in-depth workshop about
databases, a favorite subject in our office.

We'll start with an overview of persistence, move into hands-on work covering the
major SQL concepts, wind down with a data-modeling exercise, and wrap up with
developer Q & A. I'm excited to meet the fourth cohort, Delta Platoon, and share our passion for


Teaching is an integral part of Hashrocket's culture, and we relish the
opportunity to share our expertise. This combined with a mission we believe in
is a win-win.

Thank you to Code Platoon for inviting us back for a fourth workshop, to
Hashrocket for sponsoring this ongoing engagement, and to Alpha, Bravo,
Charlie, and Delta Platoons, and all veterans for your service.

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