First RubyConf.China


The first Ruby conference in Chinae was held at May 21, 2009. I have had the honor to be the host of the event, and it turned out better than I expected! Not only was Ruby’s Father, Matz, delivered an informative and educational speech, other illustrious developers such as @robbinfan, @rubbinlu, and YeZheng have also contributed their wealth of knowledge to the conference.

The conference was sponsored by (the second largest tech community in China) and (a local ruby&rails organization located in ShangHai.) The conference room was originally booked to seat 200 people, and over 400 have attended this event. The event was a great success and you can check out more photos and videos on and links below.



  • Matz — Why Ruby?

  • Design Pattern from java to ruby

  • Deep secret in JavaEye

  • Ruby and Rails Pitfall

  • Ruby/Rails for Enterprise Development

  • Open Source & Scrum

  • Blue Ruby* A Ruby VM for the ABAP Web Application Server