Cloud Computing To Drive Server Hardware

Cloud computing will be a key force behind hardware sales over the next few years, IDC believes. In fact, the investments are significant enough to be considered a whole new era in IT infrastructures and not just replacements, which highlights the quickly increasing interest in cloud computing overall.

Gartner: SaaS Matures, Merges Into The Cloud

What is exactly the difference between software-as-a-service (SaaS) and a cloud application? If you aren’t confronted with both topics frequently, this question is likely to be confusing and you may be tempted to simply answer that there is no difference. In fact, the difference is subtle and is based on the fact that SaaS is a subsystem of cloud computing that represents the application layer of the cloud. Down the road, this differentiation may not matter anymore as SaaS has matured over the past few years and SaaS services could be considered as cloud services in the not too distant future, at least if we believe Gartner’s projections.

ELC was at Structure 2010!

After two full days of incredibly powerful and informative speakers, one of the better panels at Structure 2010 was all about hybrid clouds and included a couple of our colleagues from Santa Barbara; CEOs Michael Crandell and Marten Mickos from RightScale and Eucalyptus. The people who really get the hybrid model, our friends at […]

iPhone Tech Talk World Tour – San Jose

Last week I went out to San Jose, CA to go to Apple’s iPhone Tech Talk World Tour!

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Apple once a year holds 9 single day “Tech Talks” across the world. This year only 3 were in the US and I was lucky enough to get a spot at the San Jose meetup. The conference was focused on getting developers to use best practices in all regions of their applications. Apple’s stance was even if the app is small, it might as well be designed as well as possible.

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The day started with a nice overview of the iPhone platform. They sell tons of these things and people seem to love the App store. No real news there. Nice overview of the creative apps in the store. Certainly got everyone’s brains working for an exciting day.

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After looking over all the sessions I decided to spend my whole day in Room A which seemed to focus on the performance, threading and data management. The main tech point to take away from the conference was how threading is done on the iPhone. Apple’s goal is to abstract away the complexities of classical threading. I went to an hour session on it and the only times I heard the words semaphore or lock was the speaker saying that they didn’t exist anymore.

The iPhone has may build in calls which are blocking calls. This means that when performed on the main thread functionality will halt until they are done. A very commonly used blocking call is initWithContentsOfURL:. This method is used commonly for XML parsing and grabbing images from the internet. Apple has created a solution for this that essentially automizes your thread management with a single line of code. Lets say for example I am creating an app that on launch parses an XML source. If I have a containing method called parseXML() that does all the parsing I can call this method on a managed thread simply by using.

NSOperationQueue *queue = [[NSOperationQueue alloc] init];
NSInvocationOperation *op = [[NSInvocationOperation alloc] initWithTarget:self selector:@selector(parseXML) object:nil];
[queue addOperation:op];
[op release];

That’s it. Apple has made a general class called NSOperation that gives users the power to create their own automated threading classes. In this case I am using the built in NSIvocationoperation object that takes in a method and runs it on a secondary thread. Throw the operation into an operation queue and you are done. Very powerful stuff.


Aside from the fun tech stuff it was a great opportunity to meet people in the developer community and share ideas.

RightSignature hits the Press on ReadWrite Enterprise

ReadWrite Enterprise says “RightSignature user interface is pretty elegant. It has a flow that makes it simple to complete the signing of documents through the automation of tasks such as adding initials to each page, a requirement of most contracts.” They also comment that “Part of RightSignature’s appeal is in its overall change to the workflow and the efficiencies that result.” RightSignature is entering the Software-as-a-Service market and is headed to the top with other ecosystems like and Google Wave.

ELC Technologies continues to launch cutting edge products on the web.



RightSignature Wins VentureNet “Best of Show”

Daryl Bernstein, CEO of RightSignature, presented at the VentureNet in Los Angeles today and won “Best of Show” for 2009. This follows another win by RightScale in 2007. ELC Technologies continues to launch cutting edge products on the web.