Installing ruby-filemagic on MacOS X using Homebrew

Homebrew is a new package management system for OS X that supports formulas written in Ruby language.
Here is quick HowTo about creating a new formula for file(1) (You can find the MacPort version here).
First ask brew to create a new formula:
$ brew create file-magic
Then copy the following snippet and replace the file-magic.rb content with it.

require […]

Quick Database Conversion Using taps

taps is a database agnostic import/export gem that works with all the databases that sequel supports, including Amalgalite, ADO, DataObjects, DB2, DBI, Firebird, Informix, JDBC, MySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite3. It is also used by Heroku to push and pull your apps databases.
~ % [sudo] gem install taps
Here is a quick snippet that shows how […]