Kafka Streams on Heroku

Designing scalable, fault tolerant, and maintainable stream processing systems is not trivial. The Kafka Streams Java library paired with an Apache Kafka cluster simplifies the amount and complexity of the code you have to write for your stream processing system.

Unlike other stream processing systems, Kafka Streams frees you from having to worry about building and maintaining separate infrastructural dependencies alongside your Kafka clusters. However, you still need to worry about provisioning, orchestrating, and monitoring infrastructure for your Kafka Streams applications.

Heroku makes it easy for you to deploy, run, and scale your Kafka Streams applications by using supported buildpacks from a variety of Java implementations and by offering a fully-managed Kafka solution for handling event streams. That way, you can leverage the Heroku Runtime alongside Apache Kafka on Heroku to manage your Kafka Streams applications so you can focus on building them. Kafka Streams is supported on Heroku with


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