Getting into arguments with JavaScript

The arguments object in JavaScript looks like an array, but really it is just an array-like object. It has a length property that returns the number of arguments supplied to the calling function. And callee, which actually returns the calling function. Like an array, you can access the elements using an index: // Remember, in […]

Self Awareness (an exploration of the JavaScript Module Pattern)

In starting a new JavaScript plugin, my coworker (Enrico Rubboli) and I began by looking at various design patterns to determine what would best suite our needs. After a bit of research we decided to go with the self executing module pattern. For example we have something like this (edited for brevity): var Journal = […]

Sass, Heroku, and you.

I like Sass and I like Heroku, but they don’t necessarily like each other.┬áBecause of Heroku’s read-only file system and Sass’s tendency to write files to disk, a workaround is needed to get the two to play nicely together. Heroku’s own blog suggests a solution where Sass writes its generated css files to the Rails […]