Arithmetic with Liquid

The Liquid templating language is quite limited due to concerns about the safety of user supplied code. However, it introduces issues when some basic actions, such as arithmetic, are required.
One issue is that you can’t perform an operation on integers and assign it to a new integer variable in one statement. […]

Adding an Amazon S3 filestore to AttachmentSaver

I recently had to take preexisting code and modify it so it would save its data on S3.  The plugin used for saving the data was AttachmentSaver, which comes with filestores for the local file system and for in-database storage.  Trying to touch the least amount of the existing codebase, I decided to add the […]

Blocking Amazon advertisements

Dealing with advertisements is a part of life, from watching TV to running free apps on the iPhone.  It’s made Google the envy of all tech companies.  Fortunately for those who want to minimize exposure to them, there are some options such as DVR for the TV and Adblock Plus for Firefox.  I haven’t read […]

Amazon S3 Versioning Feature

Amazon recently announced the availability of its versioning feature for beta use with its S3 service.  Once versioning is enabled for your S3 bucket, Amazon stores each different version of each file as a separate copy in the bucket.  Since it’s not a diff, you will have to be aware of the resulting storage and […]