Every now and then I come across a piece of software with a “feature” that just irks me. I have been using Adobe Media Player to play my media clips, as an alternative to VLC. But after having played quite a few, I wanted to clear out the list of personal videos. […]

iPad announced

Finally Apple’s best worst kept secret was confirmed.
I currently own an iPhone and a 13″ macbook pro … so I guess I am yet to see any compelling reason to buy an iPad when released. I know it looks cool, but like what is the killer application for this device?

In the Good Old Days

I wanted to generate an Rails app running on 1.2.3 … so I don’t forget here is the command.

rails _1.2.3_ app_on_1_2_3

Just make sure the rails 1.2.3 gem is also installed.

If in doubt, try try again

If in doubt, try try agin

On some recent projects I have seen the following code similar to:

User.find_by_login("noone").id rescue nil

So I just wanted to remind people of the try method.


Personally I think try communicates the intent of the code.