Naked Objects and Web Design for Developers in print

Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects and Web Design for Developers in print and shipping.

ExpressionEngine in beta; Security on Rails in print

Fresh articles; Pomodoro in print

Fresh articles in PragPub Issue #6, Pomodoro Technique Illustrated in print

40% off Thanksgiving PragSale now through 11/25

Debug It! in print

Debug It! now in print and shipping

Agile, Pomodoro, iPhone, Stripes, and more

November issue of PragPub is here, featuring articles on Agile Coaching, Pomodoro Techqniue, iPhone, Stripes, and more

PragProWriMo, Git cast, Mastering Ruby/Rails

Join us for PragProWriMo; new Git screencast, Mastering Ruby and Rails course coming up.

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated; Grails in print

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated now in beta; Grails: A Quick-Start Guide now in print and shipping.

Core Data in print; Seven Languages

Core Data: Apple’s API for Persisting Data on Mac OS X is now in print and shipping. Bruce Tate selects the languages for Seven Languages in Seven Weeks.

PragPub Magazine, Android 1.5/1.6

October issue of our magazine, PragPub, now available. Hello, Android Second Edition for Android 1.5/1.6.

It’s Here: iPhone SDK Development 3.0

iPhone SDK Development, for the latest 3.0 iPhone SDK is now in print and shipping.

Beginning Mac Programming; news

Beginning Mac Programming: Develop with Objective-C and Cocoa now in beta; new email delivery, upcoming studio.

Magazine 3, Final vote

PragPub the magazine, with a feature article by XP’s Kent Beck and all manner of other goodies; vote for your favorite programming language

Agile Coaching, Project Portfolios, 7 Languages

Agile Coaching now in print, Manage Your Project Portfolio now in print, help us pick which Seven Languages to learn.

Ruby Cocoa in print; PragPub Magazine #2 for August

Programming Cocoa with Ruby is now in print and shipping, the August issue of PragPub now available in PDF, mobi, and epub.

Metaprogramming Ruby in beta

Metaprogramming Ruby now available in beta.

Programming Scala, Security on Rails, more

Programming Scala now shipping; Security on Rails now available in Beta; new screencast covering Map Kit on the iPhone 3.0.

PragPub: The First Iteration

Welcome to the first issue of first issue of PragPub, our newest monthly excuse to hang out at the virtual water cooler with you. Hosted by Michael Swaine.

Modular Java; iPhone interview; twitter news and a surprise

Modular Java in print, the Radical Career Success in a Down Economy webcast, iPhone SDK interview, Twitter features, and a surprise.

iPhone SDK 3.0; Debug It! in beta

iPhone SDK Development, now updated for the very latest 3.0 SDK release from Apple, Debug It! now available in Beta.