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A New Ruby Metaprogramming Course

On February 24, 2013, Ruby comes of age and RubyLearning celebrates Ruby’s 20th birthday by offering you this “Free” course.

Happy Birthday Ruby!

After the huge success of the first seven Ruby Metaprogramming batches, RubyLearning now announces the eight batch.

Course dates

The online course starts on Sunday 24th Feb. 2013. It’s a 9 day course.

What’s Ruby Metaprogramming?

Paolo Perrotta has this to say:

As a Ruby programmer, you already know how much fun it is. Now see how to unleash its power, digging under the surface and exploring the language’s most advanced features: a collection of techniques and tricks known as metaprogramming. Once the domain of expert Rubyists, metaprogramming is now accessible to programmers of all levels – from beginner to expert.

Paolo goes on to say the following in a recent interview:

I realized that metaprogramming sits at the very heart of the language, and when you understand metaprogramming, that’s the moment you start “thinking in Ruby”.

Who’s It For?

You need some background in Ruby programming to make the most out of this course.

Is the course really free?

A lot of effort and time goes into building such a course and we would really love that you pay at least US$ 10 for the course. Since this is a “Pay if you Want” course, you are under no obligation to pay anything at all and hence the course would be free for you.

How do I register?

  • If you want to take the course for free, please create an account at rubylearning.org and send us at satish [at] rubylearning.org – the email address with which you have registered.
  • Those of you who want to help RubyLearning maintain the site, the various courses and provide quality content, you can pay either by Paypal or send cash via Western Union Money Transfer or by bank transfer (if you are in India).
  • Once you pay the fees below, register on the RubyLearning.org site and send us your name and registered email id while creating an account at RubyLearning.org to satish [at] rubylearning [dot] org We will enrol you into the course which normally takes place within 48 hours.

After you click the “Pay Now” button below, you will be taken to a webpage as shown below.

Please enter the amount you want to pay for the course in the “Item price” field and click on the “Update” link. You can safely pay via PayPal.

You can now pay the Course Fees by clicking on the “Pay Now” button below.

What Will I Learn?

The brief outline of this course is:

Working on the follwoing exercises will teach you many new methods and techniques used in metaprogramming.

  • Exercise 1: Get the values from outside the class.
  • Exercise 2: Add your code to display ‘I like metaprogramming!’
  • Exercise 3: Show lots of ways to define singleton method.
  • Exercise 4: Glance into Ruby inside with binding method.
  • Exercise 5: Define the class without class and def.
  • Exercise 6: Write Baby Shoes – a very tiny GUI DSL

Course conducted by

  • ashbb from Japan with 24×7 help from the mentors at RubyLearning.

So hurry, registrations have started.

By the end of the course, and to reiterate what Paolo Perrotta said, you will understand metaprogramming and that’s the moment you will start “thinking in Ruby”.

This FAQ would help answer most of your queries.

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